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Phone: (310) 394 - 1420

Fax: (310) 394 - 1430

9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 609

Beverly Hills,  California 90210

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Self Storage Matters

Los Angeles & Santa Monica Self Storage Industry Attorney

Helping to Solve or Prevent Legal Problems for Self-Storage Facility Operators

Few litigators have more experience representing the self-storage industry than Santa Monica Civil Litigation Attorney Jeffrey Cowan. Since 1993, Mr. Cowan has represented self-storage facility operators, including nine years where he handled much of the Southern California litigation of Public Storage, Inc. and its affiliated businesses (and some of its Northern California litigation too).

As a result of the dozens and dozens of lawsuits that he has defended for self-storage facility operators, Lawyer Jeffrey Cowan has seen and resolved almost every possible claim that can arise: defective lien sales, thefts by third parties and employees, fraud, battery by employees against tenants, damage to stored property, deceptive advertising, and employee discrimination without litigation, getting lawsuits dismissed on a motion (thereby eliminating the need for trial and its resulting expense), and winning Superior Court trials. To date, no plaintiff’s lawyer has sued one of Mr. Cowan’s clients twice (to our knowledge).

Mr. Cowan also has handled multiple appeals for self-storage industry clients. Santa Monica Attorney Jeffrey Cowan’s successes include informally “intervening” in Gonzales v. Personal Storage, 56 Cal. App. 4th 464 (1997), by filing an amicus brief that persuaded the court to modify its published opinion and correct an ambiguity that could have weakened the enforceability of exculpatory clauses in self-storage facility leases.

How can an Experienced Los Angeles & Santa Monica Self Storage Industry Lawyer Help You?

Aside from handling any lawsuit that you have to defend (or prosecute), here are a few of the things we can do:

Review your lease to make sure that it will protect you against some of the more common “creative” claims brought by tenants

Help you respond to demand letters by tenants

Help your employees prepare to defend small claims lawsuits when lawyers are not allowed in court

Give advice about terminating tenancies

Help you respond to requests from law enforcement agencies for access to tenant units or information about a tenant

Answer any questions you may have regarding lien sales

Los Angeles & Santa Monica Self Storage Industry Lawyer Jeffrey W. Cowan

If you are involved in a dispute requiring the services of an experienced Self Storage Industry Attorney, please call The Cowan Law Firm at (310) 394-1420 today to schedule a consultation with one of the region’s leading lawyers in the field.