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Welcome to The Cowan Law Firm. Santa Monica Work Discrimination Attorney Jeffrey Cowan is one of the area’s most highly respected lawyers, and has earned a reputation for obtaining excellent results on behalf of his clients. If you believe that you’re the victim of workplace discrimination, contact Santa Monica Employment Attorney Jeffrey Cowan and The Cowan Law Group by calling (310) 394-1420. We will make an appointment for you to come into our office for an in-depth consultation.

Workplace Discrimination Attorney in Los Angeles & Santa Monica

Workplace Discrimination is insidious and can take an extreme emotional and physical toll upon its victims. Additionally, those dealing with Discrimination at work may have a difficult time effectively performing their job and may be fired as a result. Therefore, it is imperative to take appropriate legal action as soon as possible.

To successfully bring an action based on Discrimination, we must demonstrate an ongoing course of conduct. One or two negative comments do not constitute Workplace Discrimination. Rather, we must prove a consistent course of conduct that has had an adverse effect on the employee’s ability to perform their work and affected their mental health and well-being.

Protections against Workplace Discrimination are provided for under both State and Federal Law. The majority of Discrimination Cases are brought as the result of:

Age Discrimination (40+ years of age)

Disability Discrimination (including refusal to make reasonable accommodations under the ADA)

Gender Discrimination (including Sexual harassment and Pregnancy Discrimination)

National Origin Discrimination

Racial Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Examples of Workplace Discrimination include:

The refusal to interview, hire, train or promote an employee

The denial of benefits, equal pay, and merit increases

Terminating an employee because of their disability, age, race, gender, religion, national origin or sexual orientation Workplace Discrimination cases often give rise to other legal matters. Santa Monica Workplace Discrimination & Civil Rights Attorney Jeffrey Cowan will closely review your case to determine all of the pertinent issues and will fight to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.  

Workplace Discrimination Attorney and Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles & Santa Monica

If you are the victim of Workplace Discrimination, call a Santa Monica Work Discrimination Lawyer with The Cowan Law Firm at (310) 394-1420 for immediate assistance.

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